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Children of Jack and Jill School, Move with truth and uprightness. Arise and Shine like the sun. Boldly press on forever.
 Mr. Appiah 1995


Jack and Jill School, located at Roman Ridge, Accra - Ghana has seen the need to create a safe and sound environment for students. The appreciation carried on by some of the old students who belong to this association, Jack and Jill Old Students Association ( JJOSA) led to the creation of this page. This site intends to hold as the future site for the alumni of the school. Though we were not given the best of chances to come together as a group to organize this association, we always thought there could be a way to get around this. It is rather unfortunate that the deeds of people like the proprietress did not allow us to function the way we had planned. By putting this site up, we hope to reorganize all the old students and create an effective environment for our current students and the staff. Isn't it great to meet old friends we haven't seen in ages online or even through someone you find who knows them? Well, we should all join hands and give off our best to make our group (JJOSA) a great one.

Please send any information you have on Jack and Jill School to Emmanuel Amenuvor at Your contributions of stories and photos will make our experience as alumnis ( old students) a great one.

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