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Number of Rows you want (20-50):
Enter your words in the box:

(Use enter key to move to next line)
  • Input words seperated by commas or one per line
  • English letters only
  • Non-alpha chars will be removed
  • Word min length is 3
  • Word max length is 15
  • If the script can't find room for a word, it'll get skipped. The bigger the grid the more words that'll make it in. Refreshing the page might find room for missing words, or it might lose a couple.
Number of you Cols. want (20-50):
No backward words
  • Makes it so words don't appear in the grid backwards. This will lower the chance of words finding a spot in the grid.
Remove duplicate words
  • Good when using a couple Thesaurus.com word lists.
List words in a new window
  • Allows for a bigger grid for printing with the grid and word list on seperate pages
Hide words
  • Hides what words that made it in the grid. Allows for a much harder game.


  • Use Thesaurus.com. Input a word and it will show you a couple lists seperated by commas. Just copy and paste.
  • Try to avoid using similar words, such as SWEET and SWEETS.
  • Copy your word list before pressing GO, so if you need to come back here to make changes you'll still have it in case your browser loses it.
  • Save the grid page if you wish to give it out to your friends.