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Ghanaian culture may be said to be incomplete without our rich local diets. There is hardly any Ghanaian who does not enjoy our simple day to day foods. It is with this that I am including the food part on my page. We love to eat. As a friend once said in class... "We live to eat." Rather my friend should have said "we eat in order to live."

Ghanaian Foods

A typical Ghanaian home has its favorite (favourite) food but on special occasions, some particular foods stand out among the rest. Jollof rice is certainly most people's choice on such days. While noting all the differences and the dynamics in the Ghanaian culture, it is only good to say that we cannot count the number of different dishes prepared in Ghana. You just have to taste and see for yourself. Common names like red red, jollof, kelewele and shitor are just a few to mention.

If you have any recipes that you will like to share, please go to my comment page and send it now.


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