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Windows Shortcut keys
ALT+TAB Switch between open programs
ALT+F4 Quit program
ALT+SPACE Displays the main window's System menu
(from the System menu, you can restore, move, resize, minimize, maximize, or close the window)
ALT+ENTER Open the properties for the selected object
ALT+F6 Switch between multiple windows in the same program (eg. Two opened MS word docs)
ALT + left SHIFT+PRINT SCREEN Toggles high contrast on and off Microsoft Natural Keyboard.
ALT+double click Displays properties
ALT+DOWN ARROW Opens a drop-down list box
ALT+TAB Switch to another running program (hold down the ALT key and then press the TAB key to view the task-switching window)
CTRL+ESC Open Start menu
CTRL + A Highlight all
CTRL+U Underline
CTRL+I Italic
CTRL + X Cut
CTRL + C Copy
CTRL + V Paste
CTRL + N Opens a new window ( MS Applications and Internet Explorer and Firefox)
CTRL + P Prints current opened document
CTRL + Z Undo last action
CTRL + Y Redo last action
CTRL+F4 Closes the current Opened document
CTRL+TAB Switch between opened windows
F2 Rename object (Click on a document or folder and hit the F2 key)
F3 Find all files

F5 Refreshes the current window folders or Internet Explorer.
F6 Moves among panes in Windows Explorer
SHIFT+DELETE Delete selection immediately, without moving the item to the Recycle bin
SHIFT Press and hold down the SHIFT key while you insert a CD-ROM to bypass the automatic-run feature
Using Windows Logo with other keys
Windows logo key Start menu
Windows logo key  +R Run dialog box

Windows logo key  +F1 Help
Windows logo key  +E: Windows Explorer
Windows logo key  +F: Find files or folders
Windows logo key  +D: Minimizes all open windows and displays the desktop
CTRL+ Windows logo key  +F Opens find Computers window
CTRL+ Windows logo key  +TAB Moves focus from Start, to the Quick Launch toolbar, to the system tray (use RIGHT ARROW or LEFT ARROW to move focus to items on the Quick Launch toolbar and the system tray)
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