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Getting started:

This part of my website has a wide range of tools for both people knowledgeable in the field of computing and for people who are interested in technology. What this system hopes to achieve is a fair distribution of computer knowledge to all who seek it.

Why do some people fear technology or change???

It is very typical of every society to have people who are slow to change. In the computing field, we find people who get used to a particular way of doing things and find it hard to adapt to change. I personally find the field of computing an interesting area of study. One thing I always keep in mind is that, you can hardly predict what comes next with regards to technology. Looking down the history line, there were times when people ( learned programmers) would use punch cards to write out their computer codes. Today, there are many programs on the market which aim at helping people complete some humongous tasks in an ample time. In most cases, we find ourselves contemplating whether a particular piece of software does as it claims. The only true way to test is to try the product. It is very common these days to see manufacturers including Microsoft, putting out trial programs online for downloading and testing. It is only by doing this that both the producers and the consumers get a fair share of what is going on.

What we hope to learn together

As I will always point out, there are several ways of performing a task. In the computing field, most of the time, the learning by individuals is through trial and errors. It is by this that we most often find alternative ways of arriving at a solution, when a problem is posed. This website will serve as a medium of learning and at the same time teaching. Remember that even the experts say "ahh... something new" all the time. Let's make good use of opportunities as they present themselves. Comments are always appreciated. If you have any ideas you would like to put accross, don't hesitate to write me an e-mail. All owners of content found on this website shall be given the due respect. This will include tips and guides provided by the users.

Ready... Let's see some basic definitions..

Basic definition of a web page

A web page is a document written in HTML that can be accessed on the Internet. Every web page has a unique address called a URL. Web pages can contain text, graphics, and hyperlinks to other web pages and files.

In this section of my page, I will demonstrate both in text and pictures how to use Macromedia ® Dreamweaver and Microsoft ® Front Page to create simple but very creative web sites. This will comprise of some tricks and tips. My tutorials will cover just a little bit on using CSS style sheets to get rid of all the lines that come with your hyperlinks or links in your page. Microsoft's Visual C++ will also be touched in brief.

Visual Basic C++

Why C++ ?

It is interesting to note that part of your computer's operating system was written on the C++ platform. The importance of knowing about C++ goes a long way to help an individual to have a basic knowledge of the language. C++ is an object oriented programming language. It consists of pieces called classes and functions. The site will be solving some examples from Deitel & Deitel's C++ book. Again this are just going to be some random examples. This will be helpful for people in the field of programming. There will be discussion forums regarding complex applications. I hope that programmers and students visiting this site will contribute both in questions and answers so that the fun can continue. For now, we will rely on our examples till complex issues come in. Please feel free to post questions on the forum if you have one. Your questions and responses will go a long way to help everyone.


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