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Welcome ...

I would like to welcome you to my home page. While thinking of how I should use my knowledge of website design and construction, I decided to come up with a site that will be very informative to visitors. This website will feature some aspects of Ghanaian culture as well as web technology and other computer related issues.

The postings on Ghanaian culture will be relative to how much information I collect at a given time because it is an independent project that seeks input from visitors. However, if anyone at any point has any information regarding one of our many tribes, the person should not hesitate to contact me. I will make sure the information provided, upon some verfication go online as soon as possible.

Educational tools on the page will include general technological terms relating to the field of computers, which will involve short random quizes.

In trying to provide a web page that has both content and entertainment, I decided to come up with this wonderful idea that will help the site's visitors. The general content of this site ranges from a variety of cultural information on Ghana to computer related issues. Some useful educational tools included on this site are quizes, travel and tour information and a whole lot of fun filled activities. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to the success of this page. A useful journey has began and let us all join hands in making this project of mine a success.

Working with Cultural Diversity